Lotte van Raalte - photographer

...graduated in photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Inspired by her travels Lotte explores and emerges herself into various cultures. She observes different habits, dresscodes & traditions in which she likes to discover both differences as well as similarities. She has been teaching photography in India, South Africa and at a refugee center in the Netherlands. The result of that has so far translated into books, exhibitions and her commissioned work.


Mico Toledo - art director / photographer

...was born in Brazil, where he studied Art Direction. 8 years ago he moved to London where he studied at Central Saint Martins. Mico is currently working as an art director transitioning to documentary photography.

After reading a small article from the Guardian newspaper about a group of Native American people in North Dakota, Mico decided to go to Standing Rock in North Dakota and capture these people fighting against the billion dollar oil pipeline going through their homelands.